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a bit about me:

I have received my BA degree in Architecture. I am currently pursuing my MFA degree in scene design & technology at UMASS Amherst. I was part of the scene shop team for last two years building and designing the shows. I have designed two shows over there. Bacchae of Euripides and What of The Night.

For several years, I have managed and directed a musical / theater group” DAGHIGHAN CHI” and we have had over 800 performance over primary schools in Iran.

I have designed, directed, written all musical plays for this group.

In different performances during last few years I worked with different groups with diverse

backgrounds from all the world.

Working with people with diverse backgrounds and cultures is always very fascinating for me and

lead me to think differently and see the world in different perspectives.

I love working in a team and enjoy working with other people. I have always learned new things

from new people.

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